SKF Agro Limited

SKF Agro Limited is a subsidiary company of SKF Group. This subsidiary company started its journey keeping an aim to contribute to the agricultural sector of Bangladesh. Our focus was to provide customers good quality & high-yielding agro-based products where clients can get what they expect.

Fresh, pure, pesticides free, preservative-free, and good agro quality products are the demand of all. Though many of them will tell about those but won’t keep the promise.

We, SKF Agro Limited, with the confidence of providing all those things came into the business. In the production of the products we give priority to ‘quality.’

About the importance of Agro companies of Bangladesh:

'Agro Products' embraces a large category of all-inclusive products that are related to 'agriculture.' It includes a variety of range of finished and raw goods under the categories of animals, plants, and different forms of life. This term 'agro' has come from the 'Greek' word 'agros.' Whose meaning is the field, that has led to its current usage meaning anything that falls under the AGRICULTURE category.

Bangladesh is primarily an agricultural economy. Agriculture is now the single largest producing sector of the economy since it comprises about 30% of its GDP. Plus, employs around 66% of the total labor force. Now 'Agro companies' are contributing and playing an essential role in Bangladesh.

Meeting the nation's food requirements remains the government's key objective. In recent years, there has been a substantial increase in grain production. Rice, fruits, Jute, Sugarcane, Potato, Pulses, Wheat, Tea, Oilseed, Spices, and vegetables are essential and principal crops.

Besides, few of the products of this sector are now currently exported in different countries having immense global competition. Thus different Agro-based industries are now producing different products and increasing our GDP.

This sector's performance has an overwhelming impact on primary macroeconomic objectives like employment,  poverty alleviation, generation, human recourses development, food security & export diversification.

Why our products:

SKF Agro Limited has agro different firms which include poultry and Hatchery, dairy, crop fields, etc. In the case of agro based products like fertilizers, fruit products, vegetables, honey, eggs, meat, and many more items. We have developed and improved our products gradually.

We don’t manufacture or produce anything that will be harmful to consumers. With the highly skilled staff, the full application of modern agricultural mechanization, supervision our significant results are achieved.

We bring out the goods directly from farmers and after our testing & examination send them to the production zone. Fruits, vegetables, and agro items after processing goes through a conveyer belt and then are prepared for making products.

Instead, we focus it to be as pure, fresh, and safe as possible. Thus our products are now getting favorite to the consumers day by day and we perceive to continue that. The reasons why customers can choose our company products:

  1. Priority of quality: Our agro products are manufactured keeping the quality up to that level where we can achieve consumer trust. If a product is not good at the quality it won’t last long in the market. We understand that even in the case of Agro products. Thus, consistently striving to keep that up to mark.
  1. Striving to contribute in agro-economy: The SKF Agro Limited has invested in several agricultural projects to give the customer the best we can. We know agro-based companies play a crucial role in economic and agricultural development in Bangladesh. Thus our company is becoming a leading one where we are contributing too in this sector. 
  2. Ensurity to keep customer trust: We don’t deceive our customers because we know a satisfied customer is a good business strategy. So, we want our customers to stay & keep their trust.


Consumers have benefits in staying with SKF Group and its other subsidiary company where they won’t be plaintive. The corporation's talent management has allowed an excellent workforce to work combinedly in building a company.

A company that believes in providing an equal chance for all. Also, SKF Agro Limited acknowledges all the suggestions and complaints given from every single place from the client. Even from any part of our organization. The benefits our consumers or customers can obtain are:

  1. No harmful chemical mixing: We don’t add any harmful chemicals just for taste and flavor. We believe purity can give the customers satisfaction which is like a treasure for us.
  1. Providing fresh goods: We bring out the fresh agricultural goods directly from farmers. Then we process it after the delivery from them. Our agro based goods are fresh, preservative-free and healthy. 
  1. Consumer can obtain our goods from any part of Bangladesh: Consumers can purchase our SKF Agro Limited’s products from any part of Bangladesh. 
  2. Varieties of agro based products and services: We have varieties of products like spices, eggs, jam, honey, and edible oils too. We have fertilizers, high yield sees, pesticides, and several other products too.  
  3. Ensurity of high-yield products: Our products are consist of high-yield qualities & provide safety where customers can consume them with no worries.  

Our Services:

  1. Delivery in both rural and urban areas of Bangladesh: We deliver our products in different rural and urban areas of Bangladesh. We are also focusing to supply and produce our products abroad.
  2. Selling different agro-based products: SKF Agro Limited has several agro-based products. We are selling them in different regions in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka.  
  3. Providing and producing high-yield and good quality products: We provide and produce high-yield and good quality products. Thus customers can rely on our products. 

Customers feedback:

#1 From Shiraj Hossain                                                        Rating: 4.5 Stars

I was searching for a good agro products company for a high-yield fertilizer. I bought a fertilizer from them and the production of vegetables were quite good than before.

#2 From Fahim Faysal                                                          Rating: 4 Stars

SKF Agro products are really good and they have high-yield production. I used their agro products and they are fresh, better and tastes good.  However, I hope they will bring more agro products. I am consumer myself and I suggest it to others.