Kadaknath Chicken

With the changing trends & increase in chicken demand, SKF Group took the initiative to raise & sell a new breed. Nowadays, the demand for poultry and chicken breed is gradually increasing in Bangladesh. Our new chicken breed is ‘Kadaknath.’ We have expanded our strategy regarding this new, improved chicken breed to provide our customers it’s eggs & chicks. We have started a poultry farm in our area to produce such an improved breed of fowl & selling them. SKF Group implements trailblazing inventory management systems and producing & managing ‘Kadaknath’ chicken.

We perceive to meet demand & necessity of chicken meat and introduce Kadaknath breed.

About Kadaknath: 

Kadaknath is actually a popular breed of India. Kadaknath is one of India's rarest poultry breeds, native to the Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh (MP), India. The new breed is famous for its black meat and known as BMC (black meat chicken). Kadaknath chicken breed is renowned for its quality of meat, taste, plus texture.

The need for Kadaknath chicken is increasing gradually. It has spread across most of the Indian states due to their excellent medicinal values. These birds especially bear a great therapeutic deal in homeopathy and useful in treating a particular nervous disorder.

Tribal communities in Bhilala and Bhil mainly raise these new chicken breeds. Which are in the districts of Dhar and Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh(MP). Kadaknath chicken meat color is black and brown color eggs.

The astonishing fact of Kadaknath production technology is that it has reduced the mortality rate from greater than 50%. You can expect 10 to 12% of mortality; this enhanced the survival percentage & overall profits in Kadaknath chicken farming.

These birds can gain a bodyweight of 1.10 to 1.25 kg in 100 to 125 days. Because of the high feed conversion ratio. Kadaknath chickens can be reared similarly to country chicken or free-range fowl.

Though, it requires little more care at the start to grow in a controlled environment. Later they can be left free in the open. People generally can grow these birds in back yards. 

Why customer can buy Kadaknath breed from us: 

Customers can buy this new popular breed Kadaknath from us. Kadaknath chicken breed is renowned for its quality of meat, taste, plus texture. But others may not be able to give you those, like the same quality and consistency of the breed. We, SKF Group, provide the customers the assurance to sell healthy, disease-free, perfect, and original Kadaknath breed.

Sometimes, consumers search for a new breed and want a disease-free hen. As many of them sell without proper care and supervision, customers raised fear for healthy plus pure chicken meat. The purity of native breeds has now become questionable plus tension due to the large-scale introduction of exotic species.

When customers fear or questions about quality and purity, we give priority to their views and demands. Thus we don’t compromise on these things and provide high-yield, good quality chicken. So, for this reason why customers can buy from us without any tension of hygiene, originality, and purity. The reasons customers can trust us for buying Kadaknath hen are:

  1. Raised in a suitable environment: Our firm consists of adequate drainage systems, good ventilation, appropriate protection from winds, diseases that are suitable for Kadaknath. Plus, free from excessive cold, heat, or dampness.
  1. Providing good poultry feed: We provide good poultry feed to our chickens, and we don’t feed any capsules just to raise them. Instead, we give good natural poultry feed, which is not harmful. 
  1. The modern rearing poultry techniques: We have modern rearing poultry & hatchery techniques suitable for Kadaknath. Our method is a highly efficient system that increases production. 
  1. Vaccination of chickens: We make sure our clutches and breeds are vaccinated properly & remain disease-free. Our workers always supervise the condition so that they stay safe from the attack of parasites. 

Benefits of Kadaknath chicken:

There are several benefits of Kadaknath chicken for which reasons it became popular. The following points are the benefits of Kadaknath chickens. These are-

  1. Chicken meat of Kadaknath is textured and flavored; thus, it is tasty to eat.
  2. The chicken meat is black in color. The black meat of Kadaknath chicken has good medicinal values.
  3. Kadaknath black meat contains different vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and E. Besides, protein, niacin, fat, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and nicotinic acid which plays an essential role for our body.
  4. This meat helps to increase blood cells plus haemoglobin.
  5. This breed is said to aid in curing different problems. One of them is problems regarding pulmonary.
  6. The meat is also beneficial for post-delivery problems, asthma, and nephritis. 
  7. The meat of this chicken is said to be good for women's health as well.
  8. The eggs of Kadaknath also have good nutrition values plus suitable for older people.
  9. The Kadaknath breed is highly resistant to diseases.
  10. The best advantage is that these birds meat has more protein, less fat, & low cholesterol than similar poultry breeds.

Our services: 

  1. Selling chicks and offering egg hatching services of Kadaknath: We sell Kadaknath clutches( chicks) of breeds. Plus offering egg hatching services. 
  2. Chicken meat supply: Our poultry and hatchery supply fresh chicken meats of Kadaknath to renowned restaurants and hotels. Our meats are fresh, tasty, and original Kadaknath meat. 
  3. Supply of eggs: We supply good quality eggs of this new breed to our consumers and hotels or restaurants.
  4. Kadaknath feed: We sell Kadaknath feeds and products. We make sure our food products are good and satisfy our customer poultry needs.

Customer Feedback:

#1 From Lutfor Rahman                                                            Rating: 4 Stars

SKF group is producing and selling this new breed Kadaknath in our country. Their chickens are healthy, good, and original. 

#2 From Asad Karim Patwary                                                    Rating: 5 Stars

I was searching for a good and healthy breed in Bangladesh. Recently I heard about Kadaknath chicken. They are a developed breed. I was searching for a good supply company for Kadaknath then I found the SKF group. Their hen qualities are healthy, disease-free, and better.