SKF Poultry and Hatchery Limited

SKF Poultry and Hatchery Limited is a subsidiary company of SKF Group. With the changing trends & increase in chicken demand, we took the initiative of starting a poultry and hatchery company. Nowadays, the demand for poultry is gradually increasing. We have expanded our strategy regarding poultry & hatchery where we are providing our customers with healthy chicken & eggs.

We have started a poultry and hatchery in our area to produce an improved breed of fowl plus selling them. The SKF Poultry and Hatchery Limited implement trailblazing inventory management systems, producing & managing a modern poultry firm.

We perceive to meet demand & necessity.

About the growing economy of Poultry and Hatchery in Bangladesh:

Nowadays, poultry dominates our local consumption due to higher affordability as well as availability. Plus, consumption has been increasing due to the rising wage of the people both in urban & rural areas.

Nowadays, the demand for food and chicken has increased than before. Thus, it has boosted our country’s production too, where poultry rearing is becoming profitable. However, consumer perception is still full of certain misconceptions regarding safety. The industry of poultry and hatchery has a structured value chain.

Bangladesh is now increasingly focusing on sourcing high-quality chickens through the import of the purebred chicken. This has led to some new high-yield varieties such as the Sonali chicken. Which is a cross-breed of the American male & Egyptian female breed. The new breed ‘Sonali chicken’ is now a proliferating segment of the market.

There are different types & varieties of chickens sold in the Bangladeshi market. These include broiler chicken, highest-yielding, and the newer variety of Sonali chicken. In comparison, broiler chicken is cheaper plus easily available. Thus most consumed. Whereas Deshi chicken is the one that consumers recognize to be the healthiest also of the best quality. However, the Deshi breed is considered to be the most expensive.

Why our customers can rely on our hatchery chickens:

SWFK Poultry and Hatchery Limited is a subsidiary company of SWFK Group has years of experience in poultry & hatchery. The capacity for the production of a hatchery depends on many factors.

Those are the number and size of a hen, the number of breeds to be propagated. Besides, the capacity of nursing and management of chicks. Plus, maintaining the balanced diet of the breeds and proper vaccination is also to be considered for the firm.

For a new firm or a newcomer, such maintenance can be difficult. For this reason, it needs experience. SWFK Poultry and Hatchery Limited have that experience, and we produce healthy, improved, & good varieties of breeds for consumers. The reasons customers can trust us are:

  1. Industrious workers and employees: SWFK Poultry and Hatchery Limited provide good chickens & chicks supervised, produced by a diverse team of talented workers. We take the utmost care and aware of chicken’s health.
  1. Vaccination of chickens: We make sure our clutches and breeds are vaccinated properly & remain disease-free. Our workers always supervise the condition so that they remain safe from the attack of parasites.        
  2. Better egg production: We keep the temperature of the poultry room moderate so it will be very helpful for better egg production. Thus our company consumers receive better eggs.  
  3. The modern rearing techniques of poultry: SWFK Poultry and Hatchery Limited have modern rearing techniques of poultry & hatchery that is an ‘Intensive poultry farming method.’ This method is a highly efficient system that increases production. Here, the poultry farming environment is totally controlled & managed by the farmer. 
  4. Raised in a good environment: Our firm consists of adequate drainage systems, good ventilation, appropriate protection from winds, diseases. Plus, free from excessive cold, heat, or dampness.

The benefits that our customer obtains:

The rise of the popularity of frozen & processed food in both homes & restaurants has also increased ‘poultry meat demand.’ Especially it increased in expanding urban areas. SWFK Poultry and Hatchery Limited endeavoring to supply poultry products according to the demand of clients. We deliver our poultry products to different restaurants and hotels. We always make sure our clients get a fresh, better, and disease-free chicken meats and eggs. The benefits that our customers obtain are:

  1. Getting fresh and healthy chicken meat: Our consumers obtains fresh and healthy chickens.  
  1. Getting better quality eggs:  We rear chickens or fowl in a suitable environment and supply foods to the chickens timely with balanced quantity. For this reason, customers get better quality eggs. 
  1. Sterilized and disease-free clutches and hens: ‘SWFK Poultry and Hatchery Limited’ has also invested in the provision of vaccination. So that customers can get disease-free clutches and hens.
  1. Improved and good breed: We have different varieties of improved breeds like Rhode Island, Fayoumi hen, Deshi breed, Sonali Chicken, etc. We deliver according to the client’s demand and they can choose what they want. 


We, SWFK Poultry and Hatchery, believe that prosperity is measured by the value that we provide to our customers. Thus, we try to keep the client’s trust by maintaining the contacts plus providing fresh quality meats and clutches.

Our services are:

  1. Selling chicks and offering egg hatching services: We sell different clutches( chicks) of breeds. Plus offering egg hatching services. 
  2. Chicken meat supply: Our poultry and hatchery supply fresh chicken meats to renowned restaurants and hotels. We have both broiler and layer chickens.
  3. Supply of eggs: We supply good quality eggs to our consumers and in hotels or restaurants too.
  4. Production of different breeds: We have different varieties of improved breeds like Rhode Island, Fayoumi hen, Deshi breed, Sonali Chicken, etc.

Customers Feedback:

#1 From Khandakar Shirajul Alarm:                                       Rating: 5 Stars

I am the owner of a big hotel and I buy chicken meats & eggs from them. I am buying for several months & I have to say the quality of meat and eggs are fresh also good.

#2 From Khaled Hasan Rashed:                                            Rating: 5 Stars

I once visited the firm and yes the maintenance and supervision are really good. Their firm is in a good environment so need to worry about quality.