SKF Developers Limited

Construction of modern buildings is not just a one-time matter; it is a developer’s responsible task. Customers who are landowners dream for a modern, iconic building for them. But many of them cannot fulfill that dream because of various reasons. Plus, they don't get that type of trustable company that will build their building. To achieve the dream to construct your building, there comes the SKF Developers Limited. We construct over the land owner's plot and hand over in time.

We have several years of experience. For handing over your land & construction of projects, you can rely on us.

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About Housing Service

Developers are a type of contractors. They are responsible for finishing a building and making flats or apartments. In other words they do real estate development or property development. Developers oversee the establishment of a new foundation and structure. From the ground floor up to the top floor they have a complete design and structure foundation. They work and construct a building in such a way so that a building remains for years.

These may include piling of land, plumbing, creating a foundation design, making of structure and development. Developers do all these things and hand over the building to the landowners in time. Not only constructing a building is just the task of a developer but also includes renovation.

Renovation means building an old project or a house in a new way. Other things besides renovation, are remodelling of an existing foundation. It can be office, residential building, house or architectural structures where remodelling or renovation can be important. Also, developer’s manage the construction process and co-ordinate all these activities regarding architecture.

Why Us?

SKF Developers Limited is always committed to constructing a building in a modern plus iconic way. Plus, we the SKF Developers Limited complete a construction project and architectural structure in time.

Our main goal is, ‘Don’t compromise in quality rather focus on integrity plus innovation.’ We have several years of experience regarding development & construction of foundation, architectural projects where customers can rely on us. Professionality is important here. Customers serach for such professional, trustable and a good company for such tasks.

For this reason, for meeting all the demands and desires of customers you can rely on us. You can give your land to us where we can develop modern, uniquely designed buildings. Besides these, the things for which you can rely on us are:

We work as a professional: We work as a professional: For developing a building and making of flats there comes the urgency of professionals. SKF Developers Limited works as a professional regarding the activities of construction.

We do high-quality construction: SKF Developers Limited focuses on integrity, perfection and completeness. Plus, we don't compromise on ‘quality.’ Our professional architectures and engineers do their best to construct a modern iconic, and developed building.

Our engineer’s and architecture’s integrity: The SKF Developers Limited architectures and engineers strive to construct a modern aesthetic and developed building. Our engineers and architectures make sure that the building which is they are constructing can stand years after years.

Focusing on quality and providing modern appliances to the building: SKF Developers Limited always focuses and sentient about quality. During constructing a building or making an apartment, ‘quality matters.’ For such reason, supervision, architectural design are necessary and for many years we are providing these in our building.

We understand that real estate is social plus material fabric of any city. Thus customers can trust our company.

Benefits of choosing us:

We believe that hard work and perseverance can help us develop the architecture and keep the customer's trust. For constructing a modern building over the land of a landowner it is necessary to have a good company. Plus, it needs years of experience to deal with activities regarding construction and building. Most of the time, clients search for trustable developers or real estate companies whom they can rely on. They dream that after construction, they will stay and lead a prosperous life For building your dream home, getting a beautiful and luxurious apartment, the first important thing is a good company. For this reason you can trust SKF Developers Limited. The following benefits that you will receive are:

  • We don't deceive our customers or give them false hope in handing over flat/apartment. We keep customer's trust and hand over flats and construct a building over the owner’s land in time.
  • SKF Developers Limited is focused on making both a physical & natural environment that can be in harmony with the surroundings. Our buildings are built with standard.
  • We provide the latest fittings & services from construction to painting, testing, flooring, plumbing, woodwork, and electrical work.
  • During the construction of the building, we keep the priority on providing the best fittings.

Our services:

Construction of buildings over landowner’s plot: We will develop buildings over landowner’s plot after agreement with the owner and follow the regulation.

Renovation and remodelling of a foundation: We do piling, modern infrastructure development, plumbing & renovation. We make sure the foundation of the building is such that it stands for years.

Provide different range of real estate services: We buy raw land and develop apartments then we sell them to clients. Plus we provide a different range of real estate services.

Architectural assistance: Architectural assistance is an important issue for customers. Customers search for a good and trustable company that can provide them architectural assistance. We SKF Developers Limited provides architectural assistance to the customers or clients.

Customer Feedback:

#1: From MD. Tanvir

Ratings: 4.5 Stars

They are a good company and provide the latest fittings. Plus, services from construction to painting, testing, plumbing, and electrical work. Their group has many other companies too.

#2: From Iftekhar Alam Bhuiya

Ratings: 5 Stars

The SKF Developers Limited is a trustable company. I have seen their construction of buildings and they are modern and consists of beautiful design. They have several apartments plus projects in Dhaka. I was satisfied by their service.